The Cister Privacity bunk bed is an excellent option when we have large rooms where we don’t want to do any construction work, but where we also want to provide users with privacy. This model is made entirely out of iron, including the closing elements in order to more easily control the existence of insect pests such as bed bugs. It comes with electrical sockets, including TV sockets if desired. There is the option of having built-in air conditioning dispensers that can be connected to a supply circuit.

Under the lower bed are two large drawers that have a sliding system with guide rails, with the right size to accommodate luggage and other items of a considerable weight. They come with a lock and an individual key, with the option of adapting other locking systems. The beds can be supplied without the drawers.

The entrance to the beds can be closed off with self-retracting roller blinds or sliding curtains. The two systems provide users with the privacy they need.


Length: 214 cm.
Width: 94 cm.
Height: 239 cm.